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Aerodium in Latvia

Aerodium in Latvia
Aerodium in Latvia
Aerodium in Latvia
Aerodium – free flight stimulator
Aerodium in Latvia is first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. It breaks gravity rules and allows you to fly with the help of newest technologies! Aerodium base is where the spirit of adventure is combined with security guarantee delivered by new technologies. It is a place for professional athletes, as well as just adventurous friends and colleagues.

Who can fly? Close to anyone. You only have to be willing to try and fitting in weight and height limits. To enjoy a safe flight you have to weight between 30 kg and 100 kg, and you have to be shorter than 2 m. You also have to be in a good physical condition and not experiencing any serious medical problems.
If that is it, what is next? After a short preparation program you are provided with all the necessary equipment (special apparel, goggles, helmet, gloves etc.) and go to wind tunnel where an air stream takes you up at a speed of 180 -200 km/h. If necessary, the instructor will provide support in the beginning of your flight.
What do I have to wear? Anything goes, as far as you feel comfortable and are not restricted movement; preferably, something light and flexible. Footwear with flexible sole is a must, but no sandals or street shoes will be allowed. We recommend wearing sports shoes or sneakers that fit tightly.
Is it similar to skydiving? Yes, the skills required are similar. Some skydivers consider wind tunnel a more difficult way of flying. There is no space limitations in skydiving while wind tunnel provides space that is 4m wide.

Price per person per flight

Type of activity 2 minutes flight 4 minutes flight
Aerodium in Latvia (Mon-Fri) 35 € 53 €
Aerodium in Latvia (Sat-Sun) 40 € 60 €

Price includes introduction program and 2/4 minutes of the flight. Every additional minute - 15 €.

Aerodium security: The lower tunnel is equipped with metal wire net, which zones off flyer from mechanisms and airscrews. It also has safety net, which is 6m wide and does not allow a flyer to fall out of flying zone. Falling area features 400x1000mm mattress. On neither side of flying area there are any vents, airscrews, walls, or other hard surfaces that could injure flyers.
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Please contact us to book aerodium in Latvia.
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