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Fabrikas restaurant

Fabrikas restaurant
Fabrikas restaurant
Fabrikas restaurant
Fabrikas restaurant in Riga
Address: Balasta dambis 70, Riga, Latvia
Location: 10 min drive from Riga City Center
Category: Upmarket
Working hours:

Stepping in Fabrikas restaurant you will find yourself in a harmonious ambiance, where nothing will intrude a smooth business lunch or a restful candlelight dinner. The restaurant combines seemingly the incompatibles – daintiness of romance and minimalism of business. The interior is held in calm shades, thus you can pay more attention to each other, not the things around you.
Fabrikas restaurant menu combines the best from different cuisines and every dish is enjoyable – starting with light dishes and ending with the very exquisite ones. Here, everybody will find something fit for them – meat admirers and vegetarians, pragmatists and politicians, singers and dancers, lovers and priests... Moreover – you will always get what is promised. Each record in the menu is a promise of quality made by the restaurant. If you choose fresh vegetable salad with avocado and almonds – avocado will be mild and ready, almonds – crispy and the vegetables – fresh. Each client of Fabrikas restaurant is the most special – and his wish is a command. The waiters do their job with responsibility, yet – with joy and ease.
Fabrikas restaurant creates a little holiday in a mundane routine. Mr. Uldis Stabulnieks lightly plays the piano and people say he pleases gourmands’ ears every evening. Surrounded by easy conversations and music sounds, here the time stops.
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Please contact us to make a table reservation and receive Fabrikas restaurant a la carte or group menu.
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