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Tour Guides

Aija Lubeja-Sube
Aija is 57 years and from Riga. Aija has graduated from the History and Philology Faculty of the University of Latvia and is working at the Goethe Institute. Aija has good organizational abilities and a high sense of responsibility. She is very knowledgeable in world history and in Latvian culture. Her free time she usually spends with her family, doing lot of interesting things like discovering Latvia’s nature, beekeeping and doing aerobics. Aijas hobbies are: tourism, history, geography, aerobics and apiculture. Aija speaks Latvian, Russian, German and English and is tour-escort for German and English language biking groups.
Guest feedback: "I would like to thank Aija for her excellent job! Time we spent together was brilliant, because of her knowledge of the region and the way she was taking care of us during our trip!"
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Elina Ozolina
Elina is 25 years and from Baldone outside Riga. She has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture. Elina has been living in Germany for a while to improve her language skills, but she is now living in Riga. Elina is an attractive young lady with an active life style and an excellent command of German and English languages. Her mother tongue is Latvian and she also speaks Russian and Spanish. Elina likes traveling a lot and discovering the culture and life style of foreign countries. Elina is tour escort for English and German language groups.
Guest feedback: “Elina was fantastic. She did an amazing job and was always helpful. I’m just wondering – were does she get this never-ending energy?!”
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Janis Liekmanis
Janis is 25 years and from Riga. He has bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Latvia. He is traveling a lot and is spending all his free time in different countries like Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Argentina. Janis is especially interested in politics, geography, nature, economy and modern history of different countries. Janis speaks Latvian, Russian, German, English and Italian. Janis usually works as tour escort for German and English groups and also with Italian groups.
Guest feedback: “Janis was excellent. He’s stories about Latvia were so interesting, he always find the way how make us smile, even we were tired from the long way in the bus.”
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Zane Altenburga
Zane is 30 old. She is born in Smiltene and now living in Riga. Zane has graduated from University of Latvia and has a bachelor degree in German Philology and a major in Literature Science. Zane has also completed Music School and has worked as Organizational Development Manager in BirdLife Latvia. Zane has taking a part in several international activities in countries like Holland, Denmark, Great Britannia, Germany, Spain and Malaysia. Zane speaks Latvian, Russian, German, English and has basic knowledge of Spanish language. Zane loves cycling, literature and modeling clothes. Zane is tour escort for English and German language groups.
Guest feedback: “We have spent the most fantastic time together with Zane. She’s very nice person and her attitude was amazing. I felt like we are the best friends. She was so dynamic – she has great sense of humor, she was helpful, she always was smiling and that keeps the group do the same. Thank you for a wonderful time!”
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Nina Lubencova
Nina is 54 years and from Riga. She is graduated from University of Latvia in Italian and Spanish languages. Nina is always joyful and enthusiastic, has a great sense of humor and likes to be well-dressed. Nina spends all her vacations in Italy, in Genoa. She likes reading interesting books, art and gardening. Nina speaks Italian, Spanish, Latvian and English. Her mother language is Russian. Nina is tour escort for Spanish and Italian language groups.
Guest feedback: “Nina is an elegant and enjoyable guide. She had a calm attitude and always was able to find the perfect way to make the trip interesting for all of us.”
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Davide Mario Pino
Davide is 27 years and originally from Genova, Italy. He has a degree in Russian Philology from the University of Genova. Davide has polished his English language skills in Dublin, Ireland and his Russian skills in Odessa, Ukraine (Odessa) as well he has been studying Spanish in Barcelona. In 2004 Davide re-allocated to Estonia and works as a freelance translator. Davide is a cosmopolite person with a positive live attitude and sense of humor, he likes traveling, reading and playing soccer. Davide is tour escort for Italian and Spanish language groups.
Guest feedback: “… Davide Pino is the best companion with an excellent knowledge of the foreign languages, above all of the Russian language, he joins preparation and timeliness in the management of the group, and a careful care of the human aspect of the trip.”
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Maris Kilk
Maris is 26 years and from Tartu, Estonia. She has finished Viljandi Academy of Culture and has bachelor degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Tartu University and has further developed her knowledge of Spanish culture at Granada University. Maris is very social and active lady. She is participating in different cultural exchange programs and is interested in folk dance and music. From 2007 she is studying Tartu University to obtain her master degree and is working as a guide. Maris speaks fluently Estonian, Spanish, and English. Maris usually works as tour escort for Spanish groups.
Guest feedback: “… talking about our leader of the trip (Maris), she was very beneficial and charming. I think that she is a person very adapted for such work, always positive and with a charming smile; because she symbolized the Baltic perfectly and I am sure that the group enjoyed its aid."
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Ester Vahtre
Ester is 52 years and born in Tallinn. She has graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology and holds a master degree in Economics. From 2005 Ester works as lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology teaching international financial management and auditing. During the summers Ester works as freelance guide. Ester speaks Estonian, Russian, German and English. Ester loves theatres and literature and is also interested in history and sport. Ester is tour escort for English and German language groups.
Guest feedback: “ We enjoyed a lot our time in Baltic States…our tour escort Ester was very nice person to be with, she was always positive, precise and helpful, it seems like she could find the time for each member of our group and became a friend for all of us…”
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Ilona Ikauniece
Ilona is 23 years and a student at the Latvian Academy of Culture in the Foreign Language Faculty. Ilona was nominated for the Erasmus Exchange Program and has successfully studied in Spain, Malaga for 1 year. Ilona has now re-allocated to Latvia to continue her studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture. She speaks Spanish, English, Latvian and Russian and is in spite of her young age already an experience guide. Ilona is tour escort for Spanish language groups.
Guest feedback: “Ilona has been a wonderful companion for the trip. I would suggest to pay a visit to the Baltic countries and their capitals with a guide like Ilona. Now we are listening to the traditional music from the Baltics, Ilona helped us to choose the right folk music.”
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Timofey Kruglikov
Timofey is 45 year old and from St.Petersburg. He has graduated from the History Faculty of St.Petersburg State University. Timofey has also completed the High School of Religion and Philosophy under the Scientists Association. Timofey has been working as a guide since 1992 and is fond of literature and arts. He is a very reliable and has a great sense of humour. Timofey speaks both English and German and works as a tour escort for English and German language groups.
Guest feedback: "Timofey was very attentive to us. On the way to our hotel he told us million things of the city"
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Stas Accurio
Stas is 31 and he is living in St.Petersburg. He has graduated from Tourism Faculty of the Academy of Culture in St.Petersburg and been a professional guide began for 10 years. Stas is a specialist in Spanish, Italian and English. He is quite knowledgeable which is very appreciated with guests. His free time he usually spends doing a lot of interesting things like discovering Russian nature, picking up mushrooms and fishing. Stas is a tour escort mainly for Spanish and Italian groups.
Guest feedback: "Excellent guide with much knowledge which he communicated perfectly. Stas showed a brilliant sense of humour and treated us very well"
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Elena Vlasova
Elena was born in St.Petersburg 40 years ago. She graduated from St.Petersburg State University in English and German laguages. Elena started as a guide in 1992. Her hobbies are music, literature and sports. Elena is rather thoughtful for the guests and attentive to all the details. As a guide with excellent command of German and English languages she is often demanded with clients. Elena works as a tour escort for German and English language groups.
Guest feedback: "We saw many places we even had never heard about before! Elena was an ideal person to show us around"
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Olga Krjukova
Olga is 36 and was born in St.Petersburg. Olga has graduated from the Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University. She speaks both German and English, also she has a basic knowledge of French. Her free time Olga spends with her family. According to her guests she is a nice and accurate person. Olga is a tour escort for English and German groups.
Guest feedback: "Our guide Olga gave us precious details of the Russian history and modern life also. Her assistance during our stay is appreciated indeed"
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Alla Naumova
Alla is 54 years old and she is from St. Petersburg. Alla is graduated from St.Petersburg Teaching Institute with Spanish and Italian languages. Alla has worked as a professional guide for almost 30 years, she is experienced and youthful at the same time. Alla loves opera, ballet and music theater. Alla is communicative and emotional like most of her Spanish and Italian tourists Alla works as tour escort for Italian and Spanish groups.
Guest feedback: "Alla was great guide. I discovered once again the city and it was possible because of Alla's great job she did. She has been able to explain complicated things in a very easy way, understandable for everybody"
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