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Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour

Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour
Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour
Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour
Two captivating neighborhoods just east of the city centre, Kadriorg and Pirita, are favourite destinations for sightseers looking for what's beyond Tallinn Old Town.
After Russian emperor Peter the Great conquered the Baltics in the early 1700s he established an estate and public park on this spot. Peter named the area Ekaterinenthal (Catherine's valley, or Kadriorg in Estonian) after his wife Catherine first. The elaborate Baroque Palace he had built - along with the surrounding forests, ponds and fountains - are still the neighborhood's prime draw. Over the next two centuries the streets near the park became lined with ornate wooden mansions as Kadriorg developed into the upscale residential district thay it remains today.
During the sightseeing tour you will see Kadriorg Palace, KUMU Art Museum, Peter's the Great's Cottage. Afterwards you will visit angel-shaped statue Rusalka on Kadriorg's beach and Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
In the second part of the sightseeing is planned Pirita district visit which is placed a little farther down the soreline from Kadriorg. With its 3 km stretch of sand beach and a yachting harbor, Pirita is best known as a centre for summer frolicking. Pirita is also worth visiting for its own bit of Medieval architecture – the ruins of St. Bridget's Convent.
As optional we offer to visit Tallinn Botanical Garden near Pirita. With over 4500 plant species and 123 hectares of space, the Botanical Garden is the best place in Tallinn to stop and smell the flowers.

Duration: 3 hours
Type: individual tour with a private guide
Language: any on request
Price: on request
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Optional entry fees during Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour:
  • Kadriorg Palace – 65 EEK per person (~4,15 €)
  • Mikkel Museum – 35 EEK per person (~2,25 €)
  • KUMU Art Museum – 85 EEK per person (~5,50 €)
  • Niguliste Museum - 50 EEK per person (~3,20 €)
  • Adamson-Eric Museum – 30 EEK per person (~2,00 €)
  • St. Bridget's Convent ruins – 20 EEK per person (~1,30 €)
  • Tallinn Botanical Garden – 56 EEK per person (~3,60 €)
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To receive more information and book Kadriorg Palace and Pirita sightseeing tour please contact us
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