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LIDO Recreation Center

LIDO Recreation Center
LIDO Recreation Center
LIDO Recreation Center
LIDO Recreation Centre in Riga
Address: Krasta str. 76, Riga, Latvia
Location: 10 minutes drive from Riga City Center
Category: Latvian cuisine
Working hours: 11:00-24:00 (Mon-Sun)

The LIDO Recreation Centre was opened at the end of 1999. It is one of the most attractive public catering enterprises in the world and one of the most favourite places of family recreation in Riga. The Centre is characterized by a Latvian environment, tasty and various dishes, LIDO beer, live music every evening, and celebration of national festivities with gorgeous decorations and concerts. The main building of the LIDO Recreation Centre is one of the biggest and most beautiful log buildings in Europe, which can host 1000 guests.
The building is constructed from specially selected Latvian fir-trees over 100 years old. The interior of the LIDO Recreation Centre was designed by LIDO Construction artists and designers. The furniture, interior articles and some of the kitchen equipment were made in the LIDO Wood processing and Metalworking shops. 1,000 seats are located within a total area of 2,500 m2 in the three-storey building. Service is provided by 530 employees. The catering complex is located on a territory of almost 5 hectares – a Beer Cellar, Bistro and Express Restaurant, as well as a car park for clients and an Amusement Park.
The Bistro’s customers are offered around 500 different dishes: meat, fish, vegetable and pasta dishes, as well as pizzas and pancakes, fresh juices and organic vegetables. The daily consumption of vegetables is quite impressive – 2.6 tons of potatoes, 400 kg of carrots and 250 kg of onions. In addition to the bistro, the LIDO Pastry Shop offers freshly baked pastries, cakes and LIDO chocolate sweets.
The Express restaurant is located on the top floor of the LIDO Recreation Centre; it offers a wide selection of snacks in a buffet style, as well as table service with menu-selected fish, meat and vegetable main courses. Visitors to the Express Restaurant are provided with a special festive atmosphere. In the Beer Cellar, clients are invited to taste the national cuisine and to dance. Every Beer Cellar table is painted differently –portraits of widely known persons from Latvia and from other parts of the world are used in the motifs. The Beer Brewery is located in the Beer Cellar, in which four types of unfiltered beer are offered – LIDO Light (4.5 %), LIDO Special (4.6 %), LIDO Mead (4.5 %) and LIDO Festive Beer (5 %). The brewery’s capacity is 900 l of unfiltered beer per day. A full production cycle lasts from 21 to 28 days. Customers can view the beer brewery process, which takes place in devices manufactured by the Austrian company Salm & Co; the beer is delivered to the customers through special pipes (the longest is 92 m) directly from the beer tanks. LIDO beer has been highly ranked several times at Latvian Beer Festivals.
The LIDO Amusement Park was opened in the summer of 2001, when it offered the Car Rental attraction to the youngest LIDO customers. In 2003, the largest artificial ice-skating rink in the Baltic States was opened; in the summer it is turned into roller skating rink. 14 different attractions are available in the Attraction Park: Rodeo, Tower, Sky Dive, Cannon Room, Trampoline, Car Rental, Race Course, Ferrari, Firing-range, Throw and Win, Eurobungee, Children’s Town and the Children’s Driving School. Thematic musical programmes take place on the summer park platform.
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