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Small Latvia towns hotels

To receive the best available offer for small Latvia towns hotels please contact us

Recommended Latvia hotels Hotel location Note about the hotel


Dikli Palace Hotel Valmiera district  
Europa City Amrita Hotel Liepaja Europa Group chain
Promenade Hotel Liepaja  
Segevold Hotel Sigulda  


Jelgava Hotel Jelgava  
Kolonna Hotel Cesis Cesis Kolonna Hotels chain
Kolonna Hotel Rezekne Rezekne Kolonna Hotels chain
Liva Hotel Liepaja  
Marve Hotel Pabazi, Vidzeme coast 100 m from the sea
Park Hotel Kekava Kekava, Riga region  


Kolonna Hotel Kuldiga Kuldiga Kolonna Hotels chain

Other Latvia hotels on request.
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