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Pie Kristapa Kunga restaurant

Pie Kristapa Kunga restaurant in Riga
Address: Baznicas str. 27/29, Riga, Latvia
Location: Riga City Center
Category: Medieval
Working hours:

Pie Kristapa Kunga restaurant is located in Riga City Center historical building on 2 floors with 8 halls. Once upon a time there lived a lord by name Kristaps, honored among his folks and praised far and near. He had seen his share of pleasures and sorrows before he settled in his house. Though the house was torn and worn and rebuilt many a time, it withstood the passing of ages.
The first thing you see when entering the building is a modern outhouse, connected to the historical building via pull-up bridge. By crossing the bridge you will enter two halls, decorated with symbols and signs, telling the story of Lord Kristap’s provenance and family history.
In his early days Lord Kristaps was a glorious player of knight tournaments, thence the fourth hall is dedicated to his shields. His two-hander sword, a stalwart comrade, may also be viewed there. The rest of Lord Kristap’s weapon collection can be seen at the cellar. Lord Kristaps was a grand globe-trotter and always brought unseen treasures home from strange lands. The horns of a prehistoric elk, found in Siberian glaciers, are the most valuable treasure. Stone plates depicting mythical characters have come here a long way from Byzantium. Paintings portraying Lord Kristap’s ancestors and domestic scenes of those days can also be seen in the house. Lord Kristaps ordered to build the Eastern room after returning from the Holy Land. This is the room where he enjoyed lingering in memories of his adventures and smoking water pipe. Eastern room is graced with Berber statuettes, which once adorned the palace of Arabian emir.
Lord Kristaps loved to have a good meal and to feast with guests, hence he brought receipts back from all lands he visited. Many of those meals you can now try in Pie Kristapa Kunga restaurant.
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