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Ventspils sightseeing tour

Ventspils sightseeing tour
Ventspils sightseeing tour
Ventspils sightseeing tour
Ventspils, located in the north-west of Latvia some 189 kilometres from Riga, is an up-to-date, modern European city with a wide range of available entertainment and tourist sights.
This city of 44,000 inhabitants is at mouth of the Venta River that flows into the Baltic Sea. Its ice-free, world-class port is one of the major transit hubs between East and West.
Ventspils is also proud of the cleanest streets and smoothest driving surfaces in the country. It is known as the brightest city in Latvia, with not a single unlit street or square after dark. During the summer months, attractive water fountains and flower arrangements abound in the city to please the eye and uplift the soul.
Near Ventspils in Irbene there is a 32-meter fully steerable parabolic, centimetre-wave range antenna RT-32 and a 16-meter diameter antenna RT-16. They were taken over by the Latvian Academy of Sciences after withdrawal of the Russian army from Latvia in 1994. On the basis of these antennas and accompanying facilities of the former Space Communication Center, the Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center (VIRAC) has been established.
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